Monday, October 1, 2012

What Do You Mean I'm Funny?

I missed almost two months of my senior year in high school because of mononucleosis. Can you believe that crap? Freakin' mono senior year? In this day and age? I was going stir crazy. A parade of tutors helped me through my school work in the mornings and a parade of friends came to visit me in the afternoons. One of those friends was thoughtful enough to bring me a yearbook form to fill out. Even then, way before blogging existed, I was needy and self-absorbed. (Once a writer always a writer.) And this friend knew I would want to be immortalized in the yearbook with my likes, dislikes, favorite memories, and of course, my quote.

Some kids quote Mark Twain or Shakespeare. Some quote John Lennon or Jerry Garcia. Who did I quote? Joe Pesci. His character in Goodfellas, to be exact. It was this quote:
"What do you mean I'm funny? What am I, a clown? I'm here to amuse you?"
It's arguably the most famous scene in one of the most popular movies of all time: Goodfellas. When I was a senior in high school, that movie was already a classic. Now it's one of the ten movies I can't wait to watch with Peanut. I quote it daily. For example, if I ask someone at work to do something a certain way, I just may end it with, "Now go get your shine box." Yeah... I'm manager of the year.

The needy, self-absorbed budding writer in me also wanted my yearbook quote to stand out while standing the test of time. I wanted to be remembered, and remembered as a funny guy. Anyone who is funny wants to remind you how funny they are. So it is with that in mind that I present to you this list of some of some of the funniest posts on DKL:

The post that remains the most-ever read on DKL is this one about Peanut's Ken doll and his "man-gina." It's so funny because "Dude Looks Like a Lady."
To keep with the awkward, plastic private parts theme, few things could prepare me for what I saw when I opened the fridge one morning: Belle saying, "Rise and Shine."
Yet another post with pen!s humor. This one involves real people, including my mother-in-law of all people. And a reenactment from one of Luna's toys, to show "THAT's not a Toy."
Believe it or not, the idea not only to bring my in-laws to Disney with us but actually stay in the same room with them was mine. You might be asking, "What the Hell Was I Thinking?"

Finally, I had a little fun with photoshop when Peanut was caught swiping toys from the daycare playground. It was all part of my effort "To Catch a Thief."


  1. Replies
    1. It's something my grandfather would say to me. He'd say, "You might be funny, but looks aren't everything." This was also the man who would keep a coupon for Joy dish detergent in his wallet so he could ask people, "Do you want to see my pride?" And the first time I took my future wife to dinner with him, he said, "This isn't the girl from last week."

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yeah? So I guess I AM here to amuse you. Wait... that's right...I am.

  3. Fantastic! And really, who develops these toys? Are they complete idiots?

    wait... don't answer that...

  4. I chose a terrible quote for my yearbook. I cringe every single time I see it. I love the theme you have going here.

    1. Ha! Thanks. And sorry about your quote. Now I'm curious to know what it is.

  5. Replies
    1. How do I amuse you? Like a clown? (I can do this all day.)


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