Tuesday, September 18, 2012

THE PEANUT GALLERY: One Last Summer As My Baby

I came down with a stubborn case of nostalgia this summer. Not helping matters, one night I was looking through baby pictures. (I needed one for a blog post. This post, as a matter of fact.) As I right-clicked my way through Peanut's baby years in a matter of minutes, it hit me. Where did the time go? Where did my baby go? I remember these times so vividly. I remember her so vividly. Baby Peanut. Toddler Peanut. Demon Tantrum Refuses-to-Potty-Train Peanut. Fond memories. Mostly. I tried not to break down. Like on the first day of school, I felt myself getting choked up. But I choked that shizz right back down again.

When Peanut graduated daycare, she looked so grown up standing on that stage receiving her fake diploma. As a result of that image, I decided to call the past few months "one last summer as my baby." I knew it's where I would witness some small steps, but giant leaps for Peanut-kind. And I wanted to make sure to remember them. But most important, enjoy them. I'm glad for these memories. For capturing these moments in time. And for having one last summer as my baby:
She went night swimming with her cousin and
thought it was the coolest thing ever.

We went away for a few days and when I went to the motel room to change into my bathing suit I came out and there she was swimming in the deep end all by herself. (With floaties, of course.) But without either of us. I caught it from the balcony:
That little dot in the middle of the pool is Peanut
She's no longer apprehensive about trying new things, for the most part. Especially when it come to rides. She loves the big ones, and can't wait to be tall enough to ride the really big ones. She especially likes the ones that make daddy nauseous:

The Tilt-A-Whirl is no longer my bag.
She even drags My Director on the tamer rides.
We went through the fun house three times.
We also rode her first water slide together. After some initial doubt, she giggled the whole way down. She liked it so much she wanted to ride it again with My Director. The next week she realized the joy of riding the waves on a boogie board, even though I had her convinced it got its name because it's made from compressed snots. And she got right back on after a massive wipeout. Always get back on.
Boogie board doubles as lounging device.
Every summer on my birthday, I like to celebrate by doing something that brings out the kid in me. I want Peanut to see the wonder and value of being young at heart. This year, we dragged my entire family - mom included - on a pirate cruise of all things. My Director made them paint my face:

The picture is rated "Arrgh."
Yes, I just went there.
As if there is ever any doubt that she is my daughter, there is this picture of us making the same exact silly facial expression before I blew out my candles:

This is one of my favorite pictures ever.
(Those pies were delicious, by the way.)
You are no longer my baby, Peanut. Yet, you will always be my baby. Since you could talk, you've been telling me you're NOT a baby, but a little girl. Yes you are.

If you missed any of the highlights from this summer, or want to relive the memories, please check these Peanut Gallery posts below:

On our first day of vacation, Peanut dubbed it the "Best Day Ever."
We had a good time imagining what kind of lives the sea shells we found on the beach once lived, because "Every Shell Tells a Story."
Did you know we gained a "New Addition" to the family this summer? We are pleased to report that Pinky is still alive and well.
The second-most mpressive thing I've ever seen My Director do was "Winning the Big One" at an amusement park.
One night we finally succumbed and camped out in the backyard. One of us didn't make it all night in "The Great Outdoors."


  1. So true - she'll always be your baby!
    Lovely memories!
    Thank you for sharing them.

    1. Yes. Always. I tell her that all of the time. "I'm still Mema's baby and I'm 37." Hahaha.

  2. Seems no matter how big they are, they are always our babies. Keep on being a great daddy. She'll thank you for it later. =)

    1. Thank you for that. Someday she'll look at this and hug me. Or hate me. Could go either way, really.

  3. I love to do fun, silly things with my kids who are now all in double digits. I want them to not be restrained by societal, well restraints on adult behavior. Relax into it and laugh! Good on ya mate!

    1. I want her to be serious when she needs to be, without taking herself too seriously. I think that's important. It's a fine line. And sometimes I cross it. ;-)

  4. It's amazing how quickly they master things and become grown up. In one week my daughter went from afraid to slide down the slide to sliding down the big kids slide like a pro. She's only two, but I feel her growing up faster and faster. The first three months of her life seemed to last forever (I was SO tired) and then time started speeding up and just keeps getting faster and faster. This was a sweet post. I keep imagining Peanut reading this someday when she is grown up. She's going to know she had the best dad in the whole world.

    1. That's nice of you to say. Either that or she's going to think I'm a narcissistic jerk. Hahaha.

  5. What do you do when a child misbehaves?


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