Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We arrived for a brief beach vacation last Saturday afternoon. (Brief for me and My Director. We had to go back to work on July 5th while Peanut stayed with my in-laws.) Almost immediately, Peanut wanted to go to the beach. So after we unpacked, we suited up, lathered up, and headed up the block and over the dunes.

We played in the waves for more than an hour. Peanut was in her glory, but we had to get back to the house for dinner. So Peanut bid adieu to the beach for now by performing a "sand angel." A shower quickly followed.

The next day, bright and early, Peanut asked me every five minutes if we could go to the beach. A full day of fun in the sun was in order. Once I had eaten breakfast, inhaled coffee, and had my mandatory "reading time" in the bathroom, we left. We arrived so early, we had beaten the lifeguards. As the three of us waded in the crashing waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Peanut holding our hands either for support or to catapult herself higher over the waves, she boldly declared this "the best day ever." Already. It wasn't even 10am.

Here are some of the highlights.

Stars and stripes forever

From sea...

to shining sea

Her drip castle

Dora ice cream pop after beach

She's serious about mini golf
 Peanut takes the wheel
I must admit this WAS a great day. And there were three more just like it after that. My favorite day from our beach vacation last year was when the two of us flew a kite for the first time. You can read more here.


  1. I love beach days. The magic is lost on "just adults". We manage to muddle through with our hidden cocktails and white legged shame, but, the REAL magic is children on the beach. Sand castles, sand pits, eating sand. It is the best. Enjoyed this!

    1. Not pictured: Peanut and I dig a giant hole almost every day and wait for the tide to come in. We just so happened to not do it on this "best day ever." One of our favorite beach activities. Thanks for reading. Glad you liked it!

  2. Replies
    1. Not just great... "best day ever." It was all downhill from there. Hahaha


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