Sunday, June 24, 2012

THE PEANUT GALLERY: Family Portraits

There may be no better way to immortalize a person than to have their child draw a picture of them. Marble sculpture? Bronze bust? Oil painting? No, sir. Give my 5 year-old a box of Crayolas any day of the week and let her imagination run wild. (Besides, I'm too self-conscious to be painted or sculpted.)

Even better, Peanut is becoming quite the little artist. Unlike her dancing gene, which she obviously gets from me, this love of art comes from My Director's side. My mother-in-law was a stellar art teacher. My Director loves that artsy stuff too. Me? Admittedly, whenever Peanut asks, "Daddy, come color with me," I cringe. A pit forms in my stomach. I immediately try to think of an excuse to get out of it. It's true. I'd rather unload the dishwasher than color with my child. The best I can usually do is a house, a tree, a sun, and some stick figures.

Realizing that's cruel and contrary to everything I believe as a parent, I then try to convince her that something else would be more fun:

"C'mon, Peanut. Instead we can totally eat ice cream and jump on the bed before mommy gets home. She'll never know."

"No, daddy. I just want to color."

"Fine. Have it your way."

Whether I like it or not, Peanut loves to draw. Her favorite subject is our family. Here is the spot-on picture of My Director she recently drew for Mother's Day: 

The glasses. The earrings. The boots. Perfect.

Not to be outdone, here's what was hanging in school all week, in honor of Father's Day:

Look at all that hair she gave me.

And the pink shirt is kind of my trademark. I also appreciate her matching my tie and my shoes. I do my best to look stylish. She's got a keen eye, that little Peanut.

My favorite family portrait of hers is hanging on the refrigerator:

I'm wearing a Jets shirt, btw.
And I love how she calls the dog "Luna Puppy."
Peanut's drawing of me has improved dramatically. Last year's effort is in this post. 


  1. I have countless pictures that the kids have drawn over the years. Oldest is becoming quite the artist as well, having some of his pieces picked for local kids art shows. Sadly, since I am not an angry bird or fighting warrior of any kind, I am not represented in this year's show.

    A friend of mine's son (maybe 3) drew her a picture of her when she was pregnant with his sister. It was the usual stick figure with a round body and a dot in the middle. When she asked him why he drew her belly button in the picture, he said "No mom... that's the baby." Still one of her favorite pictures ever.

    1. I love the pictures she draws on her own...without our prompting. Thats why that family portrait is on the fridge. She did it all by herself. So cute.

  2. What a little artist you have on your hands!

    1. So are you saying I SHOULD encourage her to dabble in other media, like marble and bronze?

  3. Lovely art work! From the family portrait it is obvious that you are all exceptionally good looking people. I hope she keeps coloring and doing things she loves. I can't believe you would rather empty the dishwasher than color (I secretly wish my husband would say that!), but maybe if you practice more you'll learn to love making art as much as Peanut does. Love this post!

    1. Well, unloading the dishwasher is my LEAST favorite household chore. So I was trying to show just how much I dislike coloring. I'm a writer. This is my art. Crayons, paints, and all of that stuff give me the willies.

  4. Very cute. She really is very good (teacher voice here). I love how she made your calves huge.

    1. WOW! High praise, 'teach.' And what are talking about? My calves ARE huge. (Not really.)


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