Sunday, February 5, 2012

THE PEANUT GALLERY: Green with Empty

Every week brings a new letter for Peanut to study at school. Each week, she needs to bring in a picture of something that starts with that letter. She likes to draw her pictures instead of taking them out of a magazine. When it came time to talk about "J," she drew this:

Notice how much hair she gave me
That's me - Justin - with the Peanut. 
Gotta work on those J's and S's

You may notice, Peanut drew me wearing my Jets sweatshirt. I had to model for her:

Jets fans rarely smile
Every now and then, Peanut will humor me and pretend to "look like daddy:"

She can make anything look good
As you might have figured out, this year's Super Bowl is a nightmare matchup for me as a Jets fan. The Patriots are the Jets' hated rivals. Their head coach deserted the same job on the Jets to join the Patriots, and the rest is history. They play each other twice a year. (The Jets were 0-2 against them this year. Ugh.)

The Giants are the big brother that the little brother Jets never seem to be able to live up to. They beat the Jets on Christmas Eve, ruining my holiday and changing the direction of both teams' seasons. The last time the Giants and Patriots met in the Super Bowl, it was a no-brainer: I rooted for the Giants. The Patriots were going for a perfect season. 19-0. Immortality. No way was I going to support that.

This time around, I just can't pull for the Giants again. I can't possibly cheer for a year's worth of yapping from their whiney, obnoxious fan base. Since I live with, work with, and am related to so many of these blowhards, I refuse to support their team again (But I still love all of these people.) And I certainly can't bring myself to root for a team from New England.

So I've to decided to vote for a third party candidate:

from the classic movie "Brewster's Millions"

Even though her dad is a long-suffering Jets fan, the Peanut has decided she is most certainly NOT. In fact, she roots for one of the two teams playing today. I wrote about that here.


  1. I love Brewster's Millions! You're little one is such a cutie!

  2. Thanks, Tina. This post was just an elaborate way to get that reference in.


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