Monday, February 18, 2013

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

This year has not gotten off to the start I had anticipated. January was a tougher-than-expected month. While I try to embrace a renewed sense of optimism that comes with New Year's Day, some forces took hold of me shortly thereafter. A combination of work stress, winter blahs, and frustration and boredom of the routine conspired to make that month not as productive, and unfortunately not as embraced, as I would have hoped.

Then February came. I was managing to shake free of those blahs. We even faced and conquered the blizzard that dumped more than a foot of snow on us. But soon thereafter, I was struck with Man Cold. This winter is kicking my a$$. (You may have also noticed I haven't been blogging as regularly as you've come to expect.) While I don't like to complain about the weather since we choose to live here in the northeast, this winter has been the clincher, convincing My Director and I to move someplace warmer when it's time to retire. We may even start taking warm-weather vacations starting next winter. And that got me thinking of warmer times in warmer climates:
Nearly a year ago, we went on our DKL Disney Adventure.

Last summer, Peanut declared one day in particular the Best Day Ever.
One of my favorite memories with Peanut was when we decided to  Go Fly a Kite.
A whirlwind, cross-continental, two-country trip taught me a very valuable lesson. It's What I Learned on My Summer Vacation.


  1. Hang in there. Sunshine and warmer weather are on the way. And thanks, because now I have the Go Go's song stuck in my head ;)

    1. Spring is in sight, brother! It may still be cold...but I feel it. Man, winter kicked my a$$ this year.


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