Friday, December 28, 2012

A Few of Our Favorite Things

One of the cards I didn't include in my Ghosts of Christmas Cards Past post last week, was our parody of My Favorite Things from 2009. That year's card was perhaps our most irreverent:

What can I say? Our dog loves to lick herself. It's one of her favorite things. And our friends and family, and now you, ought to know. As for our favorite posts of 2012, it is very difficult to boil them down to such a short list. After all, I am a writer. A needy, narcissistic, self-absorbed writer. I think everything I write is great, and think you should think that too. (Just kidding. Not really.)

With the help of My Director, we did manage to cut it down, by breaking them into these categories:

We start with the woman behind the man. When I asked her which were HER favorites, she responded, "All of the Disney ones..." And wouldn't you know it? I have all of them in one neat little post for you to read all about our DKL Disney Adventure.
She also said, "...and the one about her first day of school." Something Peanut asked while we watched The Wizard of Oz with her for the first time inspired this post about The Road Less Traveled.

Before Peanut entered Kindergarten, she graduated from day care. I underestimated what a big step this was, until I saw her "graduate" in person. It turns out, Stepping Up Is Hard To Do.

We tackled a lot of big issues here on DKL this year. Perhaps none bigger than making as many people as possible aware of Man Cold: The Next Pandemic.
Never underestimate the parents of an only child. And never judge a child just because they don't have siblings. Because One is the Only-est Number for us.

You know the old saying, "No use crying over spilled milk?" What if you didn't know it spilled? What if the milk sat there fermenting? For days? Baking in your hot car? Hold your nose as you discover the Junk in My Trunk.

I actually dedicated an entire blog post to my favorite piece of clothing. I love it so much I call it My March-October Bromance.

My love affair with my dog is no secret. Luna is, after all, The Dog That Changed the World.

I tell many stories of Peanut's musical education. Despite my best efforts to introduce her to The Who and Springsteen, she has her own favorite brand of music, and the moves to go with it. The proof lies in The Song in my Head.

The very personal story of the child that lives inside of me garnered an overwhelmingly positive response. This is The Diary of a Recovering Fat Kid.

A family wedding inspired me to reflect on the love My Director and I share. One of the most popular posts of the year on DKL is Defining Love.
Hurricane Sandy was devastating to so many places we hold dear, including the town where I grew up. As those places continue on the long road to recovery, we reflect on A Flood of Memories, Washed Away.

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