Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Peanut came home from school yesterday with a stack of her writing work. Over the past few months, she and her classmates have been working on writing about "Small Moments." Here's how her teacher described the assignment:
"We taught the children to value tiny moments from their lives. We taught them that as writers we hold these moments in our minds and hearts, then we make a story about them."
Basically, for the past two months, Peanut has been doing in class what her dad has been doing on this blog since two months before she was born. I thought that was pretty cool.

Here are some of my favorite highlights:

"I was going to the American Girl doll store."
I love how she spells American: "uy mirikin." And how she
went there in a motor home with duck lips.
"I am having a birthday party."
Apparently we set up a slip and slide in the house.
And one girl isn't enjoying it.
I chose this one from her birthday party story
because of the disturbing depiction of me.
Are my legs that rotund? My feet that small?
And my shoulders...is my posture that poor?
This drawing has given me somewhat of a complex.
These are just a few snippets of her stories. Her moments. If this is the beginning of her writing career, she's doing it right.

I dug deep into the archives (almost 3 years back) for a "small moments" story of MINE to share with you. It remains one of my favorite posts of all time. You can click HERE to read it.


  1. Love her drawings, especially the motorhome with lips.
    I think she drew you wearing parachute pants because she knows they'll be back in style any day now.

    1. Parachute pants! She's tapping my 80's roots! Love it.


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