Friday, November 16, 2012

Now She Has a Favorite Movie Quote

My little girl is growing up. Not only that, I have further proof that she is indeed my daughter.  First, it was her obsession with inconsequential details in movies. (It started with Dolphin Tale.) Now, she's quoting movies. Regularly. She's worked it into her witty arsenal. One movie, in particular. And one quote specifically.

The movie is Toy Story 3. The scene she constantly references is the one where Mr. Potato Head is masquerading as a tortilla as the crew tries to escape Sunnyside Daycare. He encounters a hungry pigeon. They eyeball each other and he says:
"What are you looking at, feathers?"

Now Peanut says it constantly. I could be looking at her play, color, or eat, with love and adoration in my eyes. Soaking up her awesomeness. Basking in her cuteness. She'll catch me, grin, and spring, "What are you looking at, feathers?" on me. Making it even more hilarious, is how Peanut pronounces "feathers:" Fedduhs. More like a miniature Tony Sporano than a miniature Don Rickles.

(The quote is 2:40 in:)

Like most in my gender, quoting movies is what I do. And like Peanut, I generally stick to one movie: Goodfellas. It's in my DNA. (The movie, not being a murdering mafioso.) I even quoted it in my high school yearbook, for Godsakes.  I rarely watch Goodfellas anymore, but I know it by heart and quote it almost daily. So Peanut is just carrying on the tradition.

Same as with me and Goodfellas, Peanut never watches Toy Story 3 anymore. Ever. Rarely even asks for it. She's all about Tangled, Aladdin, or the aforementioned Dolphin Tale right now. What she has done is recognize a funny line, a memorable one. And her sense of humor has developed to a point where she repeats it at appropriate moments. You can see her face light up right before she's going to say it because she knows she's going to get a laugh.

That's my girl.

There was a time when we could not escape Toy Story 3. As good of a movie as it is, there was only so much I could take. I wrote about that here. It was such a big part of our lives, it was even part of the reward we got her for going number two on the potty for the first time. I wrote about that here.


  1. Coincidentally, we just watched that. That is a funny quote.

    1. She throws it around constantly. Now My Director and I use it on each other.


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