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Tailgating with Grandpa Sal's Sausage and Peppers for #SundaySupper

This recipe reminds me of one of my favorite people ever: My Grandpa Sal. He and my Grandma Sylvia lived in the house right behind ours. Our backyards connected. As a little boy, it was great to have my grandparents live so close. (I'm sure my dad thought otherwise of having his in-laws 100 yards away.)

One of the benefits was watching them cook. (And eating what they cooked.) My grandparents were first-generation Americans. Their parents brought them here. They lived in a time where they were too embarrassed to speak Italian here. (This is why, unfortunately, I don't speak it.) Thankfully, one thing they did pass along was a love for good Italian food.
This is from Christmas 1983. It makes me so happy and sad.
Don't they look amazing? I miss their smiles and laughs.
I remember summer days when Grandpa would be grilling the sausage in his backyard and we could smell it from my backyard. We'd be swimming in our pool, and he'd materialize out of nowhere. He'd saunter up to the diving board and gracefully belly flop into the water. He'd swim a lap, splash some water onto the slide, get out, climb the stairs to the slide, go down it, and then exit the pool and return to his grill. Minutes later, he'd announce that lunch was ready.

Grandpa wasn't a sports fan, though. He never tailgated in his life. But he could cook anything. He could fix anything too. (I got one of those two traits.) But sausage and peppers will always remind me of him. One of the most gregarious, lovable, happy, helpful, loyal men I will ever meet. I hope to one day to be half of the father and grandfather he was. (Grandma Sylvia has a post of her own. You can read it here.)

Enjoy this as you're watching your football this or any other Sunday. Thanks, Gramps. And go Jets!

  • 1 lb. sausage (about 5-6 links) As I mentioned before, get your sausage at an Italian butcher if you can.
  • 2 large bell peppers, red and green
  • 1 large onion, sliced thick
  • salt and pepper
  • olive oil
  • Grill
  • Tongs
  • Large Pyrex

  • Heat your grill to high. While it's heating up, slice your peppers and onions. Slice them thick enough to put on the grill. 
  • Make sure to poke holes in your sausage (giggles) so it doesn't explode on the grill. 
  • Place everything on the grill at once. Lower the heat to medium, making sure nothing burns. 
  • When grill has cooled, turn the sausage and the vegetables and close the lid. Let it cook for 5 minutes. Then open the lid, and place the vegetables on the warming rack on your grill. (If you don't have one, place them in the oven heated to 300. You'll need that heated oven eventually anyway. So go ahead and do it now.)
  • Now you're just turning the sausage every 5 minutes, and closing the lid afterwards, until it's cooked. Should take about two or three more turns.
  • Remove sausage and veggies, turn off grill, and let it all cool off for a few minutes. Once everything is cool enough to handle, slice the sausage in 1/4"-1/2" slices. Cut up your veggies too.
  • Mix everything in your Pyrex. Add salt, pepper, and olive oil to taste. Return to oven.
  • Cook another 30-45 minutes, depending on how crispy you want your sausage on the outside.
  • Serve with some nice bread. I like a good crispy Portuguese roll. Serves 4.

Making it peanut-friendly:

  • She loves sausage, so this is a no-brainer. The peppers and onions are another story. 
  • The great thing about this is you can do your grilling early, then time it so you pop it in the oven before your guests arrive if you're having them over for the game. That way, once the hellos are said and everyone has a beer in their hand, it's ready to eat.
Enjoy and go Jets!

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  1. Wonderful tribute to your grandfather and a nice recipe too.

  2. What a sweet picture of your grandparents! Great memories you have of them. This sandwich looks delicious. Sausage, pepper, and onion are my favorite!

  3. Sausage and Peppers are one of those timeless recipes! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sausage and peppers are such a classic and delicious combo, especially for a tailgate! YUM!

  5. Yummy sandwich! I love the great memories it brought!

  6. Simple and delicious, love it. I love that we live so close to my in-laws so my daughter can grow up being close to her grandparents. That is something I never had growing. Thanks for sharing the memories and the sandwich.

  7. Love encased meats, and that you included your grandparents! Delicious! See you at #sundaysupper tonight on twitter @fromagechick!

  8. Yummy - this sounds simple, easy and super delicious! Thank you for sharing the story about your grandparents. I love the photo of them laughing together. I can totally imagine them cooking together and indulging in this sandwich.

  9. Sausage and peppers! Does this ever bring back memories!!

  10. I love Sausage and Peppers and love that you shared the story behind your recipe!

  11. I love the recipe, but I also love the family picture and story. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love the story!! The sandwich looks and sounds amazing!

  13. This looks amazeballs. I can't wait to try.

  14. Looks great, could you pass me one through!!

  15. What great memories to share! This looks like a killer sandwich!

  16. Great post! I love seeing old pictures and reading food memories :)

  17. Love the photo of them and most of all, love the memories you shared. Makes me wish I was there! I pinned your post in my food memories board on pinterest.

  18. Thanks for sharing your precious moment with your grandparents. Love the recipe too...i must try it out soon!

  19. Nothing better than a good steak and pepper sammy on gameday. I love the memories too!

  20. The best food is the food that reminds you of family, especially grandparents!

  21. Like the cover pic best !Making me seriously hungry ! Love the grilled veggies ! kids love sausage so mybe will make this sometime. Still have to make that turkey meat loaf ;)

  22. This looks so yummy! Love the story about your grandfather... my mom is also first generation Italian born here--my grandmother arrived here as a child, but the nuns at school would smack her with a yard stick if they caught her speaking Italian! So my generation was exposed to Italian only when the elders didn't want us to know what they were saying!

  23. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story and even tastier dish. I have so many good food memories of my grandmother too.

  24. Great memories to go with a great Classic! Love your post!

  25. This looks insanely good with some lovely flavors! Lovely story too :)Thanks for sharing!

  26. What a classic sausuage and peppers. I cant watch a baseball game at Harbour Park without getting one. You brought back a great memory.

  27. Pepper and Sausage are one of my favorite things! I'm probably breaking some Italian rule, but I like mine with a little yellow mustard.

    Jamie @


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