Thursday, March 14, 2013

Making Movie Magic

Peanut's birthday lasted three days this year. Considering it encompassed a five-day trip to Disney last year, I think we let ourselves off easy this time around. We are finally coming down from the euphoria of the birthday weekend. A movie-themed birthday weekend. Staying true to her name, My Director outdid herself. This was her opus:

Those are popcorn-shaped cake pops,
with marshmallows at the bottom for
the "popcorn effect.

One of the many reasons why I refer to my wife as "My Director" is because she takes my ideas and executes them. (That makes me The Producer, of course. The cake pops were actually Peanut's idea. It runs in the family apparently.) Not only does she execute our ideas, she does so to perfection, to the very last detail. The woman possesses superpowers I am incapable of comprehending. For example, I found a picture online of these Minion cupcakes, inspired by one of Peanut's favorite movies, "Despicable Me." Without a recipe, she made them:

Cupcakes topped with a half Twinkie,
Smarties for eyes, icing for the face,
and chocolate sprinkles for the hair.
We embraced the movie theme. I laid a red carpet on our front walkway and hung a marquee over the door. (You can find that stuff at a party store. Who knew?) Peanut and her girlfriends made their own stars for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (My idea, which My Director also executed.) Then they watched a movie that they all got to vote on. ("Enchanted." It beat out "Despicable Me," 4-2 with "Brave" getting one vote. Review coming soon.) They also got their fabulous photos taken at the after-party:

Work that Emmy, Peanut.
Even Luna had a good time eating all of the popcorn the girls dropped on the floor...
Don't mind if I do.
Still, I can't believe our Peanut is so grown up...

6 candles!
For more of my thoughts and feelings on Peanut turning six, click HERE


  1. What a sweet and fun post. Love the popcorn theme. Looks like a great time was had.


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