Monday, July 9, 2012

Behind Every Man...

...There is an amazing woman telling him to snap the hell out of it. And she's snapping pictures to prove her point. My Director has a new tactic to get me out of one of my patented bad moods. She'll take a picture of me, mid-mood, to show me how miserable (and ridiculous) I look. Here's one she snapped of me on the beach this week:
Pursed lips, clenched jaw: tell-tale signs
Fake smile: An improvement, but not quite out of it
Results of this new method are mixed so far, but she does seem to enjoy herself while she's doing it. And no one has been injured during the shooting of this project. Yet.

She started it in Disney World, after my monumental Splash Mountain Meltdown:

So annoyed. I just can't help it.
Funny or not, she helps me be the best person I can possibly be.

(DISCLAIMER: The rest of this post is basically a list of posts from the past year about My Director. If I tricked you into reading this far, please take a moment and check out one or two of the posts that you may have missed. Or re-read one. I'll be posting lists like these throughout the summer.)

Speaking of Disney, when we came back, My Director made cupcakes for Peanut's class at school. But Peanut had an underwhelming response to them to say the least. I wanted her to know that I appreciate how hard she works for us, so I wrote "That Thing You Do." for her.

She is the emotional center of our family. And most times, the best straight man in the business. Sometimes, however, she doesn't find my antics nearly as amusing as I do, especially when she's the "target." Prepare to laugh as you read the infamous "Shooter Dog" post.

In honor of her birthday last week, I told the story of the first time I opened up and shared some real feelings with her, and the underwhelming response she gave me: Click to read "You're My Best Friend".

She has since opened up. And even wrote this amazing guest post called "Does Daddy Know Less?" for me in honor of my birthday last year.

You know, My Director and I are a lot alike, as I learned when faced with the challenge of living a day as the opposite sex. Enjoy "Freaky Friday."

And in case you missed the post that explains why I call her "My Director," click here.


  1. How could anyone be in a bad mood at the beach? :-)

    I use that photo method on my teens. Works like a charm, if for no other reason than the potential future blackmail opportunities!

    1. Well, I AM one of a kind. And we do "beach" with my in-laws. Does that answer your question?

  2. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Perhaps the next time 2.0 is wearing his crabby pants, I'll snap a couple of pictures to show him how grumpy he is.

  3. My sister tried this with my nephew. Every time he did something he wasn't supposed to, she collected "evidence" instead of yelling at him. Hit your sister? click. Used the water dispenser on the fridge door to wash the cat? click. Picked his nose and wiped it on his sister? click.

    Eventually he stopped. But not before she had a whole file for the people in the white coats when they came to take her away.

    1. Sound like the beginnings of a rehearsal dinner slide show if you ask me. I like how my wife uses a method on me that some parents use on their children. ;-)

  4. You have just sealed my husband's fate. He will hate you for this (or your wife) and probably me to, but I think this is perfect. He already moans and groans about me constantly having some sort of camera at the ready, now he'll really moan and groan about it. Then I'll take a picture of him and his moaning and groaning mood.

  5. That's a great strategy Director. I'm going to use that on my wife because I am never in a bad mood. ;)

    1. Yeah... whatever. I'll believe it when I see it.


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