Friday, June 8, 2012

PAY IT FORWARD: Where it All Began

Most Fridays, I will share with you a post from another blog that I find particularly moving, interesting, or funny. They will be posts that fit the DKL mold... ones I think people who read this blog would enjoy. Another blogger I follow started something similar. I also wanted to do this because someone paid it forward to me, giving me tons of new followers. So this is the least I can do...

Today I am re-launching Pay It Forward. From now on, I will publish it as a series of actual blog posts. This way, the bloggers and posts I feature can get more of the attention they deserve.

Few bloggers, in my opinion, deserve more attention than Nikki from Mom Who Drink And Swear. Now, I know that featuring her here is kind of contrary to the whole spirit of PIF. After all, only the likes of President Obama and The Walking Dead can match her base of loyal, rabid followers. And PIF is meant to shine a spotlight on bloggers who inspire me and deserve more spotlight. But since this is the re-launch of this series it's only fitting that I choose a post from her because she's the one who jump-started DKL's popularity. In case you've never clicked on it, the link I put in italics at the top of every Pay It Forward post is one of Nikki's. In it, she mentions my blog and pays me the ultimate compliment.

So more than a year after she wrote that, I am paying it back in my small way. Saying thank you for giving a guy help, even though I never asked. For just being a fan. Also, thanks Nikki, for bringing it every time you publish a post. Every time. You don't post just to post. You don't take your large audience for granted, knowing we would religiously read anything you put your name on. You still give a sh!t and that's why we love you.

The following post is what MWDAS, and Nikki, is all about. Hilarious, real, with an appropriate amount of potty humor and a touch of sentiment. (Because she's an amazingly nice person too, ya know.) Enjoy:

(I clearly lifted this picture from her blog post.
Maybe that's why it's sideways.)
My daughter drew this picture of me yelling at the dog. I do this frequently, as our puppy is a rescue and not quite right in the noggin. But I love her just the way she is even if she lays pipe under the piano bench after she’s been outside for 10 minutes barking her brains out and peeing on every stinking thing she sees during a nice long walk. THIS is the way my daughter sees me. She drew this earlier in the week. She is eight years old... 
Click here to read the rest of the hilarious post, which has more funny drawings of Nikki. (As well as the one above, actually right-side-up.)

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