Monday, September 26, 2011


We have a problem. A serious problem. A Halloween problem. In our house, we treat Halloween almost as seriously as we treat Christmas. No, you're not reading this wrong. Your calendar is correct. It's still September... and I'm talking about Halloween already. It's because we have a problem.

How into Halloween are we? We host the annual party. It used to be a drunken kegger complete with vodka gummy worms and costume contests that lasted well into the early morning. Now, it's a kidsapalooza complete with backyard games and a pinata that ends in time for dinner.

This weekend, my wife asked me to bring all of the Halloween boxes down from the attic so she could "take inventory." Yes, inventory. I stacked them in the corner of our bedroom:

You can't see 'em all but there are nine crates total
This year, we decided to be ahead of the game. Planning early because all of our October weekends are filled with other commitments. We already made the trek to Target. Speaking of being ahead of the game, I even bought two sets of Christmas lights while we were there. I can't help myself. Like I said, we have a problem.

That's not nearly as bad as my wife, who bought a bounce house. Yeah... a freakin' bounce house. Called it an "investment:"

We Bought a House
And we complain we have no money. There's not enough therapy to deal with this problem.

Peanut's into it too... rummaging into the crates to find her Halloween toys, including the vampire Mr. Potato Head. But she didn't want him in her room at night because he's "scary:"
Still smiling for a guy sleeping in the hallway
Luna's excited to have her Halloween toys back too:

My what big fangs you have.
I wonder if the Peanut will be as into Halloween as we are when she grows up. Something tells me she will:
Reminder: it's still September.


  1. I can't say a word because I'm the guy who switches his Christmas to Valentines light to plain old Winter lights. One year they didn't come down until Mothers Day. Needless to say my wife was not pleased. I say if I can bring joy to at least one passerby I have done my job. She only thinks they were laughing at us. Scrooge!

  2. Halloween is my Christmas. At Christmas, I put up a tree, decorate it, and hang our stockings. Halloween? I decorate all the rooms in the house, including the bathrooms! and do our whole porch, even do our mailbox. I've had the kids costumes planned for a few weeks already, and I've planned our menu for pre-trick-or-treating supper.

  3. Hey! You could've used that vampire Mr. Potato Head for that blogger idol assignment!

  4. Oh Halloween, am i right in saying the American's take this holiday really seriously? I'm not to sure if that's correct but heard that they do at least.
    I'm glad we are not much into it over here, we will probably dress up (or at least the kids lol) and maybe have a wee family party ourselves but nothing major.

    And certainly not looking to start organizing it just yet lol, i have to say though you look very striking in your mask, watch out you might be mistaken for a superhero lol.

  5. We obviously get pumped for Halloween. And yes, Ben, Americans spend more more on Halloween than any other holiday besides Christmas.

  6. I also LOOOOOOOVE Halloween! :o) I can't wait!! We have just a couple of boxes, but I'm sure when we get our own house, that number will increase every year.

    We already got Cupcakes's Halloween costume - a plump pumpkin. I can't wait! She'll only be 11 months but you better believe we'll be going trick or treating!

    I wish you had a button! I would add it to my blog love page!!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  7. Bounce House as investment! Love it!

  8. Jamie - a site redesign is in the works and a button will definitely be part of it. Thank you!


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