Tuesday, March 5, 2013

THE PEANUT GALLERY: The Dog Ate My Homework

Peanut turns six this week. Can ya believe that nonsense? But before she hits that number, she hit another, less-significant but still mind-boggling one: 100 Days of School.

Apparently this is a big deal now. Such a big deal that a project is required. For Kindergarten. And being the forgetful procrastinators we are, we had to scramble together said project at the last minute on Sunday night:

That's 100 Cheerios made
into the number 100. Fancy.
What made this project even more burdensome and time-consuming was our decision to do it on the floor, with a dog hellbent on eating the Cheerios:
There's Luna, Cheerio in mouth.
(Notice none on the shiny poster board.)
There she is looking for more.
To the right you can make out a blurred image of Peanut's hand,
feeding the beast.

Peanut is rolling homework, birthday, and Luna all in one as she puts together her "All About Me" poster, which she will present to the class on her birthday on Friday. This just warmed my heart:

My work here is done.
Earlier this month I shared a photo post that was all about Peanut's and Luna's relationship. Click HERE to read it. 

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