Tuesday, November 13, 2012


"If you think summer next year will look like summer last year, it won't." NJ Gov. Chris Christie on Friday

Tomorrow is not guaranteed, let alone next summer. Gov. Christie's sobering reality check about the long road to rebuilding the shore is just the latest hit to life as we know it in New Jersey.

Every year for Easter, my mom gets each of her grandchildren a 100-pack of tickets for the rides on Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ. The tickets go on sale early - for half price - in the spring. My mom, like me, can't pass up a bargain:

Notice the Easter Bunny on the ticket book.

Shortly after Sandy hit and the scope of the destruction came to light, I found this year's ticket book and showed it to Peanut. We still have six tickets left:

Tickets we thought we'd go back and use this year, or next year, to make memories like this one, with my mom:

August 2012
My mom has never been one to enjoy the rides. She's a sit-on-the-bench-and-sip-cold-lemonade kind of Italian princess. But since Peanut became ride-bearing age, I've forced my mom, "Mema" to Peanut, to hop on board with her every now and then. Much to my amusement:

Summer 2009. See toddler Peanut in the front?
When this past summer ended, My Director and I immediately took inventory, and started planning next summer. Our 10th anniversary is coming up and we always said we'd go back to Italy, where we spent our honeymoon. The consensus was that maybe it was ok if we took a summer off from the Shore. Boy, we sure took that for granted, didn't we? Now our decision's probably been made for us.

To donate to the relief effort in Ocean County, NJ, click here. You can also give to the statewide effort by going here. To read about more of our family memories on the Casino Pier, check out this post.


  1. Looks like so much fun! And oh honeymoon in Italy? Sounds too romantic to be true!

  2. My boys have few happy memories with their Dad. One of them is when they would go to the arcade. They would save up all their tickets and then when they had hundreds, go back and get something EPIC. And then, tragic things happen. And they can no longer go with their Dad to cash them in. We have them framed above their beds now.

    Save them. You will use them one summer soon. And if not, the PEOPLE are still here for Peanut to make new memories with.

    1. Very true. That's a nice idea about framing them.

      Thanks for sharing that story about your boys. Resilient little guys, eh?

    2. Their resiliency amazes me every day. :)


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