Monday, April 25, 2011

Sticker Shock

"You don't own children, you only borrow them." -Anne Linn

Sometimes the reality of parenthood smacks you right in the face. And it's always when you least expect it.

I came home from work on Friday during the Peanut's nap time, expecting nothing more than the usual exuberant greeting from my dog and loving embrace from my wife. She had stayed home from work that day because daycare was closed for Good Friday.

Everything went as expected. The dog barked, her tail wagged, my wife met me at the door for a hug and kiss. Having completed the spousal and canine greeting rituals, I headed for the bathroom that is just off our kitchen.

What I saw on my way stopped me in my tracks.

There, on the counter, was the Peanut's sticker chart. The same one we used as motivation to get her to use the potty. A daily reminder of our triumphs and failures as potty-training parents. Every time she went, or wiped, or washed her hands, or flushed... she got a sticker. All kinds of stickers. Sesame Street, Barbie, hearts.
A piece of our history
Now the stickers are peeling at the corners. Part of the chart is ripped and being held together with the stickers themselves.

This chart is a relic. It's an artifact from our not-so distant past.

My little girl has been going like a big girl for almost a year now.

A combination of procrastination and denial has prevented us from taking it down.

But on her day off, a rare day to focus on the homefront without the distractions and obligations of the weekend, my wife decided to clean up something that's needed cleaning for a while. To finally just rip off that proverbial Band-Aid.

And I must admit, it hurts a little.

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