Tuesday, December 11, 2012


A long time ago, even before My Director was around, I started a collection. This collection has turned into somewhat of a tradition. But like some traditions, it may be time to retire this one. Pretty much everywhere we go, I insist on getting a shot glass as a memento. Even though my days of chugging Rumple Minze two ounces at a time are long behind me, we have dozens of them:

How COOL is that Nashville one?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, my heavy drinking days are over. Still, even as recently as our trip to Disney earlier this year I splurged on a four-pack of shot glasses to commemorate each park, even though we only went to three of them:

Then it dawned on me, the one person in our house who is likely to put these shot glasses to use one day is Peanut. Sometime a decade or so in the future, perhaps, when My Director and I are out for an evening. She may conjure up some of her dad's glory days and invite the crew over for a some libations. (Disclaimer: I do not condone underage drinking in my house. Especially by my five year-old.) Amazingly, as I knocked around this blog post in my warped mind, Peanut discovered this ridiculous candy-cane shot glass someone bought for us a few Christmases ago. Why it still exists in our cabinet is beyond me:

Her form and her facial expression
are frighteningly accurate.
I may have reason to be concerned. Then again, I don't think I have to lock the liquor cabinet anytime soon. Or do I?

She's enjoying herself way too much
That's Peanut, playing flip-cup at a bar recently. I do not normally condone this sort of behavior, but when New York City-types book "Jack and Jill" baby showers at bars, there is no telling what kind of activities there will be to occupy your child. (Side note: I RULED at flip cup back in my day.)

Thankfully, Peanut seems to be really into our much tamer, more meaningful, family tradition. Every year, we buy a "special" ornament for the tree to represent that year. That way, our tree tells the story of our family. This year, along with my four-pack of shot glasses, we brought this home from Disney as well:

Cinderella's slipper: 2012
Here are some of the other highlights of our Christmas tree tradition:

2001: Santa firefighter to mark 9/11
2002: From St. Michaels, MD,
where we spent our mini-honeymoon
2002: West Mountain Inn in Vermont,
where we spent our 1st Anniversary

2005: Luna, our first child, arrives.
2007: Peanut arrives
Luckily, no ornaments were harmed when the tree came crashing down last week. You can read about it by clicking here


  1. She might as well start practicing now...I mean, what? ;)

  2. Great post! Very glad to know that we aren't the only ones with pictures of our dogs on the tree! Perfect!
    Writing Pad Dad

    1. That's one of two picture of Luna. Hey, she's our first child.


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