Thursday, October 11, 2012

Everything Happens For a Reason

"Everything that happens happens as it should. And if you observe carefully, you will find this to be so." - Marcus Aurelius

Thanks to a confluence of several events, I missed my bus on Monday. First, the clocks in the kitchen were set a few minutes earlier after a brief power surge over the weekend. Then, the bus probably ran a bit early due to fewer riders on Columbus Day. And finally, because of the holiday the guys I usually wait with at the bus stop weren't there to hold the bus for me.

Seeing the bus fly by my street, I shattered the pre-dawn quiet shouting, "NO! STOP!" I thought I caught a break when it stopped at the next block. I shouted, "hold the bus!" And started sprinting. It didn't wait. Crap.

Now I'm mad. Frustrated. I instantly decided to drive into the city. My Director didn't need the swagger wagon since Peanut did not have school that day either. Instead of driving to the train, My Director would take the bus to work. (And catch it on time.)

As I drove toward the Lincoln Tunnel confident I would make it to work on time, I calmed down. I thought to myself, there must be some reason this happened. I had no idea what that reason was. But believing that there was one allowed me to maintain a certain level of clarity and didn't allow the annoyance to take over. Such spontaneous introspection is rare for me. And I must say, I liked it.

Later that day, I had found my reason. I was at the gym. Normally, I have precious time to waste if I go to the gym because I am at the mercy of the train or bus schedule. Normally, missing my ride home isn't an option since I am in charge of daycare pickup. This day, however, I had no pickup obligations since Peanut was happy at home with a pre-determined babysitter. (My mother-in-law.) No need to rush for mass transit since I had driven.

I finished my workout and walked towards the locker room. That's when one of the trainers I am friendly with stopped me. She asked me for help. She was writing a letter to some executives at her company and, knowing I write for a living and as a hobby, wanted me to take a look at it. On any other day, I'd ask her to email it to me. And in the chaos of marriage, parenthood, dog ownership, job, and remembering when it's appropriate to put which trash on the curb when, the message would probably get stale in my inbox.

Not this day. I sat down at the front desk where she was working and edited that letter. I rewrote parts. I added others. It took me about a half hour. The collateral damage was her work space now smelled like sweaty guy.

Still, she was so thankful. And that felt good.

Why did I miss the bus on Monday? So I could help somebody I might not have been able to otherwise.

Everything happens for a reason. I would never had ended up with My Director if that wasn't true. You can read about that here.

This post was inspired by and written after events that happened a year ago this week. That explains any references that may sound dated. Do not adjust your computer screens or smartphones. No, you are NOT going crazy.


  1. DKL able to leap the time-space continuum in a single post. Seriously, I didn't know that was possible.

    1. Behold., the awesome power of a dad blogger. (This post was written last year for a site I don't write for anymore. It had the old 2011 date on it when I hit schedule, which actually published it.)

  2. You know if you decided to drive voluntarily, the gods would have rained crap down on you.


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