Friday, August 31, 2012

#PayItForward: A Blog That Will Live in @Twinfamy

Most Fridays, I will share with you a post from another blog that I find particularly moving, interesting, or funny. They will be posts that fit the DKL mold... ones I think people who read this blog would enjoy. Another blogger I follow started something similar. I also wanted to do this because someone paid it forward to me, giving me tons of new followers. So this is the least I can do...

It is my pleasure to introduce you to John, who writes a great blog called Twinfamy. He has, as you might have guessed from that title, twins. A boy and girl who turned one not so long ago. He stays at home with the babies while studying for his Ph.D. (He is well aware that I will NOT be calling him "doctor" when he gets his degree.) But I love his blog. He recently started a series of non-exhaustive lists, which are hilarious and interactive. And his post earlier this month about his son's lost "Ruff-Ruff" really hit home for me, especially since I once came dangerously close to losing Peanut's Lammie at IKEA.

My favorite post of his, however, is this one below. When I first read it, it immediately became my favorite. It did what I try to do here on DKL: made me laugh, cry and think. All at once. I'm excited to share it with you:
Soon... every time my son accomplished a task, he’d triumphantly proclaim, “Did it!”
Knocking down a twenty-story tower of stacking cups… “Did it.”
Climbing up and over the legs Daddy futilely intended as a crawling barricade… “Did it.”
...Over time, the “Did it” catch-phrase craze pervaded our entire household... 
Upon finishing the evening’s mountain of dishwashing and high-chair de-funkification… “Did it!”
Adhering a dismantled diaper box to our fireplace with packing tape so as to ward off tiny invaders… “Did it!”
Finally getting them both to sleep at 3 a.m. after an hour-long double meltdown… “Did it!”
(The legend of "Did It" didn't stop there. It went international. So much so, it'll bring tears to your eyes. Click here to read more.)
Be sure to follow John's blog on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on all of his hilarious "Twincidents," as he calls them.


  1. I love your pay it forward fridays. I always find a great blog to read!

  2. You are both great fun to read. Thanks for the reminder!


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