Monday, June 11, 2012

What We're Watching: Doc McStuffins

"Doc McStuffins" (Disney Junior) There comes a time in parenthood when you realize you have more in common with your child than you may have originally thought. For instance, you like the same television shows. This happened with me and my dad when we starting watching Knots Landing together religiously. Who knew, right? (Don't judge.) And now it's happened with me and Peanut with Doc McStuffins.

I am  obsessed with this show. I have become the child. As a result, I am an enabler, pushing Doc McStuffins on Peanut like a doting grandmother who keeps giving a fat kid cake. (I've always wanted to use that analogy.)

If you don't know the premise, here goes: Doc is a 6 year-old girl who wants to be doctor when she grows up (bonus), like her mom (double bonus). She treats her sick or broken stuffed animals and toys. They come to life, she gives them a check-up, diagnoses and cures them. All in 11 minutes. She's also adorable. Oh, and the songs are catchy too. (And addictive.)

Peanut only gets a half hour to an hour of television a day, and Doc McStuffins has quickly shot to the top of the charts. It debuted in March on Disney Junior, and in very little time has became part of our routine. We sing the songs when it's not on. We talk about our favorite characters at the dinner table. While I admit I've subtly (ok not so subtly) pushed it on Peanut, she loves it too. (Perhaps even more than me.) Besides providing an excellent role model, a positive message, and catchy tunes, the show is funny. Her toys are great supporting characters. My favorite is Hallie, a hippo with a southern accent who plays Doc's nurse and drops lines like, "That bed is lumpier than a lima-bean lollipop." (I don't even know what that means but I love it.)

Hallie: hippo, nurse, comic genius
Something similar happened with me and Elmo's World on Sesame Street. I was hooked. What crazy pun is that furry little rascal gonna throw at me next? Now I'm the same way with Doc McStuffins. She's cuter than Elmo. She's smarter than Elmo. She's independent and a problem solver. Perhaps most important, she's not Hello Kitty or Strawberry Shortcake.

Thanks, Doc, for helping to soften the blow from when Peanut stopped watching Sesame Street. It wasn't long ago. I wrote about that here.


  1. It's okay if you giggle, this will only tickle a little

    1. The cynic in me believes that line is another example of subliminal Disney pervitude. And I admit, I always chuckle internally at that line because I am eternally 11 years old.

  2. Disney Junior is slowly taking over Treehouse on our television screen.

    So, you like the songs on this kid's show, eh?! LOL

  3. What we need to do is to set up an adult swim show where parents add Beavis and Buttheady (it's a thing) comments that we are ALL thinking to all of these shows (because Disney isn't the only one throwing out subliminal pervitude!)like that Mystery Science show that was on in the eighties. I've been saying this for years now and I think you are the one to start it. I'm the idea gal--I like to complain when someone else actually ACTS on my ideas and whine that the million dollars they made should have been mine (like that new binky that you put your finger into--I invented that in my head in 2004). I don't actually like to DO any of it...

    1. Not a bad idea, Nika. A few months back we were all talking about the hidden pen1ses in Disney movies. Like on the Little Mermaid DVD cover.

  4. I've been hooked on my kids shows since they were Peanut's age. And I laughed out loud when you said about intentionally pushing Doc on to Peanut. I did the exact same thing.
    And the shows will get better as she gets older.
    We (read: I) was hooked on the Wiggles, SpongeBob, and now its iCarly and Good Luck Charlie.

    1. I never think I'm going to like something...and then I do. Really with iCarly? I hear she's lippy.

  5. we live in East Texas, so when my daughter (4 y.o.) started saying things like "I'm colder than a popsicle on a winter's day!!" I just assumed she'd picked it up on the streets (yes, those cold hard streets of East Texas). but now I know. she loves the doc too, and she talks about it. i guess i should pay more attention to what she's watching...


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