Sunday, April 15, 2012

The DKL Theme Song by @SaskaDad

You know you've hit it big time when they start writing songs about you. Well, my friend and fellow dad blogger James has done just that. He's been kind and creative enough to write a theme song for DKL. James is a talented musician and writer who calls his blog EduDad. I often consider one of his posts for my THINK in the weekly "LAUGH CRY THINK" feature on the DKL Facebook page. His blogs are always insightful. What makes them even more impressive is that they often take less than a minute to read and yet leave you pondering the universe.

I can't thank him enough for this song. Enjoy:
Is it me or do those first few chords sound like "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple? The classic rock guy in me loves that. And when James says, "it started with a smile," he's referring to a post I wrote a year ago about the moment that started it all between me and My Director. (You can read that post here.) Knowing that makes him not only a loyal reader but a good friend.

Please check out James's blog here. And Follow him on Facebook and Twitter for some good conversation. You wont be sorry.


  1. Nothing like a rock and roll song to get the groove on. Great theme song.

  2. Thanks for this post. I will admit I am very nervous when I upload these videos to YouTube. I'm happy you like it. When writing the music I made sure it sounded classic rock.

    1. No dude. Thank YOU. Great song. An honor. And so cool you made it classic rock-y.


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