Saturday, December 3, 2011


I'm a little surprised at how much homework the Peanut has. Yeah... homework... in pre-K. Usually it's just finding a picture in a magazine of something that starts with the letter B, or something that's orange.

Recently she had to do a totem poll project. That means, my wife and I had to do a totem poll project. Thankfully, my wife took the lead because I am neither artsy nor craftsy. My time to help with homework will come when there are math, science, spelling, or grammatical questions.

They decorated a shoebox to represent the Peanut. I watched and complimented. At school, everyone's shoebox was stacked in the hallway to make the totem poll. This was the Peanut's:

We let the her choose which pictures she wanted to use. She chose awesome ones:
Luna's Snowy Grill
Baby Peanut showing off her belly
Smelling the Iris
Garden Beauties
Our house, pre-facelift. Christmas 2008
She also stuck candy stickers and Toy story characters on it. And my favorite part: she glued some pieces of pasta to it. Here's her final product:
It now sits on a shelf in our family room. But enough with all the projects and homework for pre-K, please. What are they going to expect next year in Kindergarten? A clay recreation of the Battle of Gettysburg?


  1. Pretty purple box with great pics!Pasta so original !! Over the years, my kids hav brought home projects & we still hoard some like the shoeboxes :) I had one section on my kitchen wall where the pot rack would normally hang dedicated to kid's crafts and *THAT* was the most complimented part of my home. Made my kids feel like Picasso!

  2. Yep, get your glue stick out, gets worse in Kindergarten. My kiddo is in first grade and I might have asked her if they ever color in first grade instead of gathering 22 different foliage specimens...due tomorrow. Darn schools and there learning.

  3. That box looks so cute and what a great idea! I'm a former teacher and I totally agree that these kids are getting way too much homework! I was at a Catholic school so I think I had a little bit more control so I opted to give far less homework than others may have. I just think they work hard for 8 hours everyday and giving them hours worth of homework to complete after school is just horrible. They need some time to be kids and relax with their families PLUS get to bed at a reasonable time!!

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