Monday, October 3, 2011

THE PEANUT GALLERY: Ghosts of Halloween Past Costume Contest

We've had some great Halloween parties over the years. And we take our costumes very seriously. The first year, we think was our most clever:

2001: Retired Vampire and Old Bat

Then there was the year we shocked everyone with our innuendo: 
2003: Plug and Socket
A lot of people still talk about what was probably our most ridiculous:

2004: Deviled Egg and Spicy Chicken
Then there was the year this happened:
2007: TomKat
Yeah, I went full "Risky Business:"
Very Risky
Of course, that was also the year we were blessed with Suri.. I mean Peanut. We landed on the cover of Vanity Fair:

From then on, it's been all about the Peanut:
2007: Peacock
2008: Cowgirl and her Trusty Steed
2009: Butcher, Baker, and what we made
2010: Jessie and Woody
Last year we broke away from the Peanut and went off on our own again. We were Sammi and Ronnie from "Jersey Shore:"
Yes, she's wearing a wig. And I got a spray tan
Those weren't all of them, just the best. So what was YOUR best costume from years past? Think about it, and enter the first ever giveaway on DKL.

Submit your picture by posting it on the DKL Facebook page. But your work is not done there. You need to get your friends to "LIKE" your picture. My wife and I will choose the winner from the FIVE pictures with the MOST "likes" by the deadline. You have until Monday October 10 at NOON eastern. Winner will be announced on the Facebook page later that night. One picture per person.

The winner gets Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game, courtesy of the cool folks over at Think Geek

You can play as the humans or the zombie hoard. It even comes with a CD of zombie music. This is the kind of prize my wife and I would get for the costume contest at our Halloween parties. So we're psyched to be able to offer it on DKL. (We'd also offer some sort of liquor bottle as the grand prize, but shipping alcohol is a hassle.)

So dig through the archives, post your picture, and get as many likes as you can all week. We'll announce the winner Monday night. Good luck!

Note: Your pictures are YOURS. DKL will not keep them or use them in any way. And we'll remove them from the page if you wish once the contest is over.


  1. Loved the butcher, baker, and what you made...too funny and cute! Risky business was.....well, risque! ;) Have fun with the contest; looking forward to seeing the winners.

  2. Love the plug and socket. Very funny!

  3. Wont take part I think ... but great original costumes. You could put them on ebay and make some major bucks. Like 2004 and 2009 the best. New follower on GFC ( joined noon )Feel free to hop by my blog when you get a chance:) BTW peanut is adorable!!

  4. Very cute pics! Wish my DH was more adventurous with Halloween costumes! You guys are good sports! Well done ;)

  5. Very nice pictures you got going there Justin, i was going to say i wished that Sweden took the holiday more serious but then again i don't like to dress up myself so kinda pointless, i went to one of the school Halloween parties once and when i was asked what i came as, since i came in normal cloths i just said a homicidal maniac since well they all dress like normal people. :)

  6. One year my ex and I went as a bag of money and a cat burglar.

  7. That could be a winner, Karen... post it!

  8. Ha! Love the peacock and your Butcher Baker and What you made :D So I forgot to suck it in but what the heck, I posted a photo to your wall anyway ;o)

  9. These costumes are AMAZING! I totally want to do the plug/outlet costume with my hubs (would love to shock a few friends in more than one way!!!).

  10. fun! reminds me - I need to transfer the "pre-kid" costumes to a digital format!!! (so I can share of course!)

  11. Hahahaha I love all these! I've always admired the hilarious-ness of the plug and outlet, but we don't have the guts lol. Last year when I was pregnant at this time I wanted to be an oven with a bun inside and Hubs to be a baker but it didn't materialize. Funny thought though.

    For Love of Cupcakes

  12. love the Shocker! thank christ you got away from the public eye right after pulling a Jersey Shore and settled down to have the Peanut. I am afraid of what would have come after that.


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