Thursday, September 15, 2011

Be Our Guest

I'm Lumiere (our noses are similar.)
John is Cogsworth (but he's not as uptight.)
This is a big day for DKL. For the first time ever, I am guest posting on someone else's blog. So please hop on over to Daddy's in Charge? and check it out.

Daddy's in Charge? is written by my friend and former colleague John . He's now a stay-at-home dad and after a couple of days of doing the same this summer, I realized I was in for a lot more than I had bargained for. Prepare to laugh and then check out John's blog too while you're there. He does very entertaining videos starring Legos. And he made one starring me and the Peanut! It will debut right here on DKL tomorrow! How cool is that?

For now, hop on over to Daddy's in Charge? and read my post and enjoy!

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