Saturday, August 27, 2011

THE PEANUT GALLERY: So Long, Summer 2011

As Peanut and I hunker down to wait out Irene (my wife is working... in the city... making sure the thousands of students she's in charge of are safe), I'm thinking about another amazing summer full of happy memories. Here are the highlights:
Drinking from the sprinkler

Pure joy

The frog exhibit at the Museum of Natural History


Ain't that America? Happy 4th!

She digs the beach

We had a slight sand-throwing issue

Vacation = Dora ice pops for lunch
I'm on a boat!
She's tall enough now

Loves the merry-go-round

(In case you were wondering)

That smile makes it all worth it

All by herself
Driving on the right side... very British

Painful and tedious... I mean... a great time


She wiped her mouth on my white linen shirt

Then passed out with Luna standing guard


Our annual beach tradition (her name's a bit long)

Waiting for high tide in the hole we dug

My wife's favorite picture

A weekend in Vermont wouldn't be complete....

...without some Ben & Jerry's on your face

They had a face painter at daycare this day (annoying)

Loving the tea cups (I was nauseous)

We spent $15 to "win" this and she could care less about it

Going under all by herself

More ice Great Adventure...on my birthday

She's not a fan of the heat

Big lizard statues are ok though
Summer goes by way too fast, doesn't it? Which was your favorite picture? My favorite memory from summer was the subject of an earlier "Peanut Gallery." Click here to see it.


  1. I really thought she was petting an actual big lizard and in my mind - "I thought lizards that big eat small children." This whole Irene thing is making my mind nuts!


  2. HAHAHA! It does LOOK quite real... maybe you need more coffee!

  3. Really awsome pictures Justin, i especially love the one of you and Peanut waiting for the tide to come in, don't know why it's just a really sweet picture.

  4. Looks like you had an awesome summer... Hopefully we can squeeze a few more weeks out of it.


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