Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This is the start of something new on DKL. I will be sharing some images with you on a regular basis. They might be quick shots that I capture with my blackberry, or a series of photos that capture an event better than a written post can.  As part of this series, I'm even preparing to share with you images that the peanut has taken herself. (Some of them are hilarious and "revealing." Stay tuned.)

This blog used to be covered with photos, as I chronicled the peanut's growth and milestones for family and friends. This is my way of bringing that concept back, while including everyone who now follows DKL.

I call it "The Peanut Gallery" since I refer to my daughter in this blog as "the peanut." "Gallery" is self-explanatory (duh).

For my first installation, I have one single photo, snapped quickly while we walked Luna in the park a few days ago. She wanted to hold the leash and walk her herself. Just one more thing she can do that I do. I love this photo for its innocence and maturity, for its simplicity and complexity.

My girls on their own

If you'd still like something more to read, I recently blogged about our wild adventures walking Luna. Click here to read it.


  1. I like it... When you are at a loss for a post, do one of these. Keeps your blog fresh and in the now instead of getting stale waiting for another one of your brilliant essays. I have found that time can be a killer. Especially with idol. Strike while the iron is hot.

  2. How do I "like" Daddy's In Charge"s comment?

  3. I'm with Daddy's in Charge!

    Love the photo though, and that it means so much to you. Nice!


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