Monday, June 13, 2011

The Monster at the End of This Post

"Where there is life, there is hope." -Grover Monster, Sesame Street

Children will spring tough questions on you the instant you're awake. They don't care. Thus was the case this past Saturday morning. My wife allowed me to sleep in while she took the Peanut downstairs. It was actually 9:15 am when I finally awoke and I was a little panicked that I had slept so long.

I was standing in the kitchen, trying to figure out how to work the Keurig and get myself some coffee. (As if I don't use it every day)., That's when my daughter came running in and sprang this one on me: "Daddy, what Sesame Street (character) is your favorite?"

Immediately, my brain went into hyperdrive. Dangerous when it hasn't had coffee yet. I didn't want to get this one wrong. My answer would speak volumes about me, my personality, and how my daughter perceives me now and in the future. I am not overreacting. Ok, maybe a little.

No Cookie for you
So I shuffled through the characters on imaginary flash cards in my mind. Cookie Monster. I love Cookie Monster. He's hilarious. And he's blue - my daughter's favorite color. I can score cheap points if I just say Cookie Monster and move on to the coffee, purely for the blue factor. But I can't in my right mind endorse Cookie Monster. He's an unhealthy, impulsive eater and speaks poor English.


Kick the can, buddy
Oscar? He's green... my favorite color.... thus completing his list of redeeming qualities, Actually, Oscar is honest. There is something to be said about that. There was actually a point when I was younger where Oscar was my favorite. I had a talking plush Oscar doll that said things like, "have a yucky day" when you pulled its string. But he lives in a garbage can and he's not very nice. Not the vibe I want to send to my daughter. He's out.

How about Bert or Ernie? Well, Bert's a buzzkill with a unibrow. And Ernie's annoying. And there are too many questions surrounding their relationship. I understand they're a Muppet version of The Odd Couple, but how old are they supposed to be? Are they kids? Teens? If so, where are their parents? Are they adults? If so, why do they share a room? Are they gay? Doubt it. None of my gay friends would be caught dead in those hideous stripes and saddle shoes.

The Odd Couple
Regardless, Ernie is a nightmare of a roommate. And Bert's no charmer either. All he does is read and sleep and complain when those two activities are being interrupted. If Bert finds Ernie so irritating, why doesn't he just move out? Too many questions for me to consider one of them my favorite.

No and No
I do love the Count. Although, there's the whole vampire thing. And he's a little OCD with all the counting. So count him out. (Sorry I couldn't resist.)

Elmo? He's become a cliche'. Plus, he's too self-absorbed, even for me. Who talks in the third person that much? He's out. And Big Bird is a big baby and a little clueless.

Your old pal, Grover
So how did I answer? I told her GROVER. Lovable. Neurotic. Adorable. Bumbling. Silly. Always wants to help. Never really knows how. He's not perfect. But he is blue... filling the favorite color quotient.

Grover does have a superhero alter-ego. Although, he is always running into walls or falling down. But he's an optimist, and he makes my daughter laugh. He's always there when you're in trouble, ready to pitch in. So what if he's a little neurotic. That's just another thing to love about him. Right?

*As you may already know, the title to this post refers to "The Monster at the End of This Book," a classic Grover tale that is by far my daughter's favorite iPad book/app. Highly recommended.

One time I didn't like my daughter's character of choice, but found the silver lining. Click here to read more.


  1. you have chosen well, Grover RULES!

  2. My favorite shirt growing up had Gonzo on it... I'll go with that.

  3. I can commonly get my daughter to drink something if I rebrand "apple juice" to "Grove Juice". He's definitely a fave.

  4. So do celebrity guests count? OK, probably not. I don't think Bono ever was on there anyway.

    What about the un-fuzzy characters? Like Maria - I'd be quite content having her read to me any time.

    In the fuzzy category, I'd pick the Two-Headed Monster. I can totally identify with him (them?). Split personality, multiple voices in his head, speaks gibberish, poorly coordinated and can't make a decision to save his life. It's like they created a purple version of me right there on the show. Definitely my choice.

  5. Chase & Julian's DadJune 13, 2011 at 4:40 PM

    Count von Count is not obsessive compulsive. He's just organized.

    I also enjoy Telly because of a shared love of triangles.

  6. I completely agree with your assessment on all counts. Grover embodies most the characteristics I'd like my kids to develop. They don't watch Sesame Street anymore, but Grover holds a special place in my daddy heart.

  7. As a newbie parent, an having just spent a 12 hour car ride from SC to NY listening to sesame street's "rootin' tootin' hootin' hollerin' country jamboree" (God help us), Elmo gets my vote...the way he gets all flustered around "Miss Le-Ann Womack" an hearing him sing, "skip, skip, skip to elmo's lou" just cracks me up.

  8. Both my kids were Elmo groupies. But my favorite was Grover and Kermit. I would be fun to show the kids the old episodes with Mr Hooper too.

  9. awesome. grover is wise. his wisdom is to be admired.

  10. This is the best post I've read in ages. So sweet, and would be terribly funny if I didn't feel your pain surrounding "the anxiety of the correct answer." Thank you for writing this. It made my day. Evening. either way . . .

    P.S> Cliche' or no, I still love Elmo. Probably because both of my children fell in love instantly with him. How can I resist?

  11. love this. just so well written and concise about the characters we all know and love (well most of them).

  12. I love Grover. I find Elmo to be annoying. Cookie Monster? Nah. Grover all the way. "The monster at the end of this book" gets my vote for best children's book. I love that book. I love to read it to my boys and they love hearing it.

  13. I agree that Elmo speakin in 3rd person is super annoying. Then again, he's only supposed to be 3.5 years old.

    I'd have to say my favorite SS character is probably Murray. He gets to hang out and meet a bunch of random people while dressed like a kook. Now that I say that, I guess he sort of reminds me of my own days as a traveling Deadhead.

    Great post!

    JJ – The Dude of the House
    Twitter: @DudeOfTheHouse

  14. My son loves Grover which is so poetic because he is a tall, thin, and very clumsy boy with a heart of gold that is accidentally destroying our home.

    1. HAHAHAHA! We all have our reasons why we are "Grover," as I outlined above. ;-)


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