Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New York, New York

"The trouble with having a stubbornness contest with your kids is that they have your stubbornness gene." -Robert Brault

I definitely had this coming to me. It was only a matter of time. I did the same thing to my father, but never for a minute considered how it made him feel. The only positive to come out of my child's making a decision to truly aggravate me, the only positive that I can possibly think of, is how early in her life that she made it. Even though I may be virtually powerless to overturn her decision, at least I have a long time to get used to it if not get over it.

There we were, on a football Sunday. It was the first Sunday that I was able to enjoy NFL Red Zone. For those of you who are not aware, this is a channel that takes you to any game once a team enters the red zone. That is, inside their opponents' 20-yard line. When a team is close to scoring, you're watching it live. There is non-stop action. No commercials. For $50. That's it. Worth every penny. Next year it's included in the cost of my service. Next year I get a catheter implanted.

So there we were, the Peanut and I. It was moments after I made this wise purchase. And I was enthralled. I was excited. I was voicing my pleasure loudly as NFL Red Zone took me from city to city, game to game, stadium to stadium. With every turn, I shouted, "Now we're in Kansas City!... Now we're in Baltimore!... This is amazing!"

And she was amazed right there along with me. "Oooh, daddy... who's the team in red?"

"That's the Chiefs."

And then the setting would change.

"Daddy, who's purple?"

"That's the Ravens."

And then it happened. The scene switched to the Meadowlands. The Giants were playing the Titans. This is the game that I would have been stuck watching before the days of NFL Red Zone. A game I would refer to as "nap time" since, as a Jets fan, I find the Giants mind-numbingly boring.

"Ooooh.. daddy... who's the blue team?"

"The Giants are blue."

"I like the Giants."

She developed Gang Green during last year's playoff run
  And there you have it. My three year-old's favorite color is blue, and thus she has decided that her favorite football team is - gulp - the Giants. I have decided to take her decision in stride. After all, she's doesn't root against the Jets. Not yet, at least. In fact, she still does the old J-E-T-S chant for me during games. Still, ask her which team is her favorite, and she will tell you it's the Giants.

When she didn't have a choice...
I guess I deserved this. I guess I had it coming to me. My father was a Giants fan. And before I decided to root for the Jets, I was actually a Dallas Cowboys fan. Two teams that are definitely not among the preferred alternatives for Giants fans. Not only did I root for the Jets. I made my father become a Jets fan. Not only did I make him become a Jets fan, I made him disavow the Giants. I made him take me to Jets games. I made him suffer all those years along with me.

...those were good times
I still have time to win her over. Still have time to convince her. Still have time to instill in her that our house is a Jets house and under no circumstances is she to be a Giants fan. But that sounds a little ridiculous. The Peanut can decide for herself. She will decide for herself. All I can do is provide her with the information, with my perspective. It's up to her to agree or disagree, whether it's sports, politics, or religion.

We'll see if history repeats itself, and if she someday converts me. I certainly hope not. But what goes around, comes around.

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