Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

"A heart is not measured by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others." - The Wizard of Oz

There are days in the life of a parent where neither of you sit down, relax, or remotely have even 5 minutes of peace to yourself. Saturday February 21, 2009 was one of those days. For no reason really. That's just how the chips fell.

If this were a television show or a movie, the scenes depicting this day would be played in extreme fast forward, with the end being my wife and myself lying on the couch, too exhausted to move, to speak, let alone to play with the dog.

It went something like this:

Cranky start to the day. Penelope wants us to stay away. No we have a lot to do. We get her up anyway.

Little Gym. Run around. Stands up when she should sit down. Wants just to flop on the mats. "No dad I won't do that." But she does swing on the rings. Every week, more new things!

Stop for breakfast. Sitting down. Making our way around the town. Cream cheese smeared on her face. Spilled coffee all over the place.

Next we go to A&P. Have to feed Penelope. This is when she starts her meltdown. Pretzels temporarily calm her down. Tantrum looks like it will start. Then she conks out in the cart (first time ever).

Back at home. Up to bed. Went right down, the sleepy head. Napped three hours, what a rest! Not for us... chores get the best.

Clean the house. Sink is full. Take construction trash to landfill. I like the sound of breaking glass. To save money, I bust my a**.

Then a friend comes to see the house. Not a sound from the little mouse. Sit and talk and have a beer. Now Penelope's stirring, we do hear.

That long nap did do her well. She's our happy little belle! Now off to buy two toys. For twins birthdays, a girl's and boy's.

We made a bet after we parked. We'll make it out before it's dark. Half an hour. Just two dimes. Fed the meter. Out on time?

That's when drama does unfold. Can't find Lammie I am told. The little toy, lost in the store. Just don't see her anymore. Wife and I, though, remain calm. Amid this potential time bomb. There Lammie sits, yes I found her! Sitting there upon the counter!

Time to leave but she won't quit. Won't put on her jacket. Now on with little incident. But out of shape she will get bent. Because she grabs a random thing. A compact disc. She wants to sing! We tell her no, she starts to cry. All we want to do, is say goodbye!

Tears do fall. Thought we could make it. After all, just can't fake it. 10 minutes over. But we're in luck. No parking ticket. We save a buck!

Now back home. To walk Luna Lu. She has to go do number two! In the stroller. Leash is on. We start to go. This day is long! Night is falling. Getting dark. Time to get out of the park.

Cooking dinner. Playing games. Doing puzzles. Much of the same.

Eat the meal. Likes most of it. But broccoli rabe, out she does spit. It's too bitter. Makes bad face. "You'll like it one of these days."

One highlight from supper time. Said her last name and mine. "Pelly Manto" is how she pronounces. With lots of kisses, I do pounces.

Then upstairs into the bath. With little hassle, it goes fast! She must be sleepy. Pajamas on. Four books followed by two songs. Then to bed. Turn out the lights. Until tomorrow, dear, goodnight.


  1. very good thing you found lammie or the day would have been even longer for daddy and mommy! luckily there's always a brighter tomorrah...from your friend, jenny boozara!

  2. looked at your post while on a call
    that dragged and seemed never to stall
    it was a bright spot i must say
    to hear of your chaotic day
    parenthood requires that we
    brace for any mess times three
    you handle it with style and grace
    that puts a smile upon my face
    i get a glimpse of the dad you are
    the blog has sure made you a star
    having it read it, i must attest
    penny manto sure is blessed


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