Monday, May 14, 2007

THE LITTLE THINGS by Penelope Mae Mannato

I love my mom because there’s nothing she’ll forget.
She puts her own needs on hold, to make sure I’m all set.

She carefully places drops in my stuffy little nose,
And keeps me nice and warm on all my fingers and my toes.

She always finds a way to make me laugh and smile.
And calms me when I’m fussy, even if it takes a while.

She’s patient, kind, loving, and right on the ball.
Even hangs cool stuff for me, to stare at on the wall.

I look forward to when we share playtime on my mat on the floor.
And notice her re-stocking that stuff behind my bedroom door.

She always seems to know where to find the nearest pass-y.
And came up with the cure to relieve my butt, when it was all rash-y.

And how can I forget to mention my best friend, the boob?
She’s alright that I’m glued to it day and night, just like dad is to the tube.

She feeds me and burps me and cleans the spit-up from my neck.
And knows how to work all my gadgets, because she’s so high-tech.

Nowadays she’s big on getting me to take a daytime nap.
And when I’m awake there’s no better place than her nurturing lap.

Although she’s not great at putting me in a swaddle,
I know she’ll be right there, helping me when I start to waddle.

My mom thinks to do the little things most other moms might not do.
So on her first Mother’s Day I just want to say, “Thanks, mom. I really love you!”


  1. We call it a passy, too! EA has the same brown and pink polkadot dress!

  2. cute poem! happy first mother's day to megan! the baby is really growing fast!

  3. Penelope has a fantastic Mothers Day outfit on... Snazzy!


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