We'll Cross Many Bridges Together...
Initially, I was in denial about becoming a dad, which is why I started this blog. This was my creative way of dealing with the fear and uncertainty.

More than five years later, I have less fear... but still a lot of uncertainty. Thus, "Daddy Knows Less." I don't have all of the answers. I'm learning as I go. But I know what I feel and that's what I write. Also, My Director usually knows better. (She made me write that. And I listened. See?)

Why do I refer to my wife as "My Director?" The answer is here.

We've been together since August of 1997. My Director and I are proof that everything happens for a reason. It all started with a simple smile. Almost 10 years after that smile, the Peanut arrived.
Peanut is the ultimate inspiration for the blog.
I call her the "Peanut" but in reality that's only one of several names I have for her.

This blog is dedicated first and foremost to her. I promise her I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm doing the best that I can.

I couldn't keep this blog going without the love and support of my amazing and beautiful wife. Where Peanut is my inspiration, my wife is my muse. She's also my managing editor. And did a better job describing me than I ever could when she wrote this awesome guest post for my 36th birthday.

Of course our family is not complete with our little wonder dog, Luna. She is our first child and is going through all of this alongside us.

I do not do product reviews or giveaways. I don't give advice, either. After all, what the hell do I know? This is my first time being the dad of a (fill in the age) girl. And I don't think it's my place to tell you how to raise your family.  Instead, I share my experiences along this amazing journey that is parenthood and marriage. Sometimes you'll find strong opinion about parenting issues. Feel free to agree or disagree.

No matter what I decide to share here, I draw inspiration from the immortal words of Jim Valvano: I hope to make you laugh, cry, and think. Thanks so much for spending part of your day at DKL.




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